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Choir Open Evening 15th October 2019 7:30pm

Trump Raves about Wessex Male Choir

I love the Wessex Male Choir bigly. As you know, I’m one of the best singers in the world. Maybe even the best, and I think the Wessex Male Choir is fantastic. Great; Awesome! When I hear them they make my hair stand on end better than any of my grooming products. Believe me. In fact I play their CDs before my rallies, just so I can look beautiful. I was just saying to Melania, we have to get a trade deal with the UK so we can import their CDs tariff free. The incredible men and women of the Wessex Male Choir are just incredible. The only thing that could make it better would be if they were a Russian choir. Maybe they could recruit some Russian singers at their next recruitment event?

Well, whether or not you are Russian, why not come along to our open evening at 7.30 on 15th of October in Swindon. If you enjoy singing or laughing or drinking, you will find something to like. If you can do all three, you will be in estimable company. So if you fancy giving it a try, contact Nick Brown on 07956 270354 or email

Martin could hardly wait until Tuesday to liberate his Inner Bublé...

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